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About Cubana Sol

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Cubana Sol A group of Cubans, Americans, Mexicans and Canadians interested in sharing some of the interesting things going on in Cuba.

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Casas Particulares (Private Homes to rent)

Casa Particular in Old Havana

Casas in Havana Vieja

Classic casas for rent in Old Havana. Some of the most scenic rentals in Cuba. Rent an apartment in the old city…

Casas for Rent

…have been around for a while; allowing both the Cuban people and the Cuban government to trade family-style hospitality for hard currency.

The local people benefit not only from the $$, but also from the close and cordial contact with ‘estranjeros’ (foreigners).

My closest friends in Cuba have Casas Particulares to rent and I am happy to show them to you.

h14-malecon2Casas in Havana Central

Casas along the Malecon are as popular as ‘Habana Vieja’ because they are oceanside and along the most famous street in Havana.

Front porch of a house for rent in Guanabo

Casas in Guanabo

Front porch of a house for rent in Guanabo. Guanabo is a pretty, quiet, little beach town 20 minutes east of Havana (Playa Este)…

The DolarPeso

Cuba’s tourist economy is based on the currencies of both countries. Some things are paid for in U.S. Dollars, and some things are paid for in Cuban Pesos. It is wise to know the difference. And also know that all prices quoted are relative and subject to change without notice.

And if you think this picture is a strange combination of opposites; take a look at the last picture on this page.


Casas in Other Cities

Other popular cities for houses and apartments to rent are Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos.

Food, Beverages and Clubs in Cuba

Chef Junior of Havana prepared this meal for us at my Casa Particular

Taste some real Cuban Food

Classic meal prepared by Chef Junior in Havana. Enjoy one of the oldest cuisines in the Americas. Dine on fresh fish, meats, fruits and vegetables.

Cuban Chef preparing Pork Chops and Yucca with Creole Seasoning in Havana

Catering Services

There are many young, eager and well-trained Chefs in the area specializing in ‘La Comida Creola’ – traditional Cuban Food. After reserving a Casa, consider inviting one of these talented Chefs to bring a memorable meal, complete with Cuban Wine and after dinner Rum!

Best rum in the world!

Cuban Rum and Wine

Ah the rum! Some say the best in the World. Certainly some of the oldest rums in the New World (some historians say Cuban Rum dates back to 1641)

Things to do and see in Cuba

Cuban street art for sale on the Prado Mall in Old Havana

Sights and Sounds in Havana

Cuban street art for sale on the Prado Mall in Old Havana. Havana is the cultural, historic, art capital of Cuba…


Married in Cuba

Imagine how much FUN it would be to have a Wedding in Old Havana? Discover an amazing wedding destination marriage in Havana, Cuba…

Old cars in Havana Cuba

Old Cars

Take a step back to the 50’s; car-wise. No other place on Earth has more old, restored (sortof) American cars vintage 1940’s 1950’s and even some much older.